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Live match: India vs Sri Lanka 3rd ODI,Visakhapatnam, Live Cricket score update

The Indian cricket team and opposition Sri Lanka will play in the final one-day match at the same venue in Visakhapatnam on Sunday to win the title in a decisive battle.

In the absence of Virat Kohli in the absence of Team India, Rohit Sharma has kept India in the match by winning the double hundred in the previous match, thanks to a 141-run win.
And the series was equalized
Regardless of whether it is a match or a match for both teams, the caretaker captain Rohit has a double responsibility this time.
Losing the team’s first match under his leadership has missed the chance to become number one in the ODIs but if he loses the final match, then after 2015, he will have to bowl a knockout in his home series also,

This is the only time in today’s video
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