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Qubool Hai – Watch Full Episode 2 of 30th October 2012

In the October 30 episode of Qubool Hai, Ayaan embraces Asad on meeting him. Humaira’s mother instructs the family that they must not eat anything before Nikhat’s prospective groom could come to their house. While praying, Ayaan spots Zoya and gets enchanted to see her beauty. Ayaan goes behind Zoya. Zoya gets apprehensive when she learns that Akram’s relatives are in search of her. Akram’s relatives find Zoya’s dupatta in Ayaan’s hand and question him about it. Zoya rages at Asad as he was about to accidently run the car over her. Meanwhile, Akram’s relatives beat Ayaan up. Asad arrives in time and saves Ayaan. While fighting, one of Akram’s relatives injures Asad. Ayaan rushes Asad to the hospital. Ayaan quickly informs Rashid and Asad’s family about Asad’s injury. Nikhat tells Humaira that Rashid would be meeting Asad and his family after 17 years. When Asad gains consciousness, he gets irritated to see Rashid in the room.

Partner rating: No mature content
Show: Qubool Hai
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Release date: 10/30/12
Running time: 27:36
Actors: “Harsh Khurana” ,”Alka Kaushal”, “Tej Sapru”, “Ketki Kadam”, “Kajal Pisal”, “Vidya Sinha”, “Shalini Kapoor”, “Waquar Shaikh”, “Shabnam Sayyad”, “Karan Singh”, “Neha Laxmi”, “Rishabh”, Aliza”,”Dhingana”
“Surbhi”, “Sangita”,”Harsh”
Director: Gul Khan & Nissar Khan
Producer: Gul Khan
Writers: Jainesh Ejardar,  Faizal Akhtar,  Sunita, Divya Sharma & Aparajita Sharma
Category: Drama, Entertainment, Soaps
License: Standard YouTube License

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